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 Rules for applications

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PostSubject: Rules for applications   Tue Jan 12, 2010 11:19 am

Well we still need some Moderators in the chatbox, we don't need Owners and they will be choosen by staff of Team Unlimited don't apply for Owner because you won't get it by applying.


Howlong do you play Weed Palace?

Howlong you are in Team Unlimited?

Do you think you earned to be Mod in chatbox, why?

Are you active in the chatbox?

Howlong a day are you in the chatbox?

If you get demoted because you did somthing against the rules, will you quit team unlimited than or will you try to earn it again?

Do you like to help people and don't hate it when people asks questions or flame them.

use this maybe we edit it soon..(when we edit it please edit your apply with it, when it isn't accepted or denied.)

Also I Mozilla I gives the ranks to the appliers for chatbox and move the application to accepted or denied. Please don't give the appliers the rank.

grtzz Team Unlimited
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Rules for applications
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