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 Free Xats?

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PostSubject: Free Xats?   Free Xats? Icon_minitimeFri Jan 15, 2010 8:05 am

1st htings 1st idk if htis is right spot to put this so tell me and i will move it

now i found this on the xat site pretty easy im getting closer to getting my xats 0.0

Step 1 - Go to [url= ]this site[/url] and register on the page that appears by filling in the fields (You don't have to enter your real phone number or real address, although i did, because they sometimes mail you a extra 'Ultimate Game Card').

Step 2 - After you complete the register page, a page of offers should pop up, just select no on them all or click skip.

Step 3 - After passing step 2, go to your email and click the verification link for the register. If you don't see one in there, then go back to GamingLagoon and log in, from there you should see a option that lets you send a account verification link to your email (Make sure to check your spam folder in your email too!).

Step 4 - After clicking on the verify link and logging into GamingLagoon Successfully, click on Available Offers.

Step 5 - Follow the instructions for each offer and do as the instructions tell you to (Virtually ALL of the offers are free and won't cost you anything or ask for a credit card or money). Make sure to read the directions carefully! After completing the offer make sure to click 'Completed' back on the Available Offers page (Hint: If you see a offer that says - 'Must be over Age 40 to Participate' or 'Must Have Asthma' or something similar, you don't actually have to be over age 40 or have asthma, etc. Just make sure you put that your over age 40 or have asthma when doing the offer. Yes, i admit to doing this sometimes, but you still get credit points for it which brings you closer to getting a Ultimate Game Card).

Step 6 - After completing Step 5, you might have to wait a few hours before you get points for the offer you completed. While you wait though, you can still do more offers. Your target is 9.00 Points for a $10 Ultimate Game Card and most of the offers give over 2.00 points which there are hundreds to choose from. So the more you do the closer you are to getting to the goal!

Step 7 - After finally reaching 9.00 points, go to Available Prizes and click on Ultimate Game Cards - Good for over 100 Games(Runescape, OgPlanet ) and you will be took to the page to request a Ultimate Game Card. For 'Is the Address & Phone Number on File Correct?' put 'Yes' (Although as explained above, it doesn't HAVE to be the right address but if it is you might get mailed a extra Ultimate Game Card in the mail) and for the 'Comments' part you can put a simple 'Thank you ^^' or 'You rock!' and after doing that, click request.

Step 8 - Go to My Prizes and when your prize request is verified, you will be given a card number in which you can enter in on the 'Buy Xats' page and recieve 1200 Xats and 60 Subscriber Days! Good Luck!
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Free Xats?
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